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Still Waters: A Spiritual Outpost


"…God leads me beside still waters; God restores my soul.”

The familiar words of the 23rd Psalm remind us that God’s sustaining love offers us rest and shelter. In the busy routines of our daily lives, however, we can forget this love is always present.

Still Waters is a place where we can be still and be reminded of our need to tap into The Source of Life that is always present, always offering restoration. We believe that when we are restored, we can offer God’s restoring love to the world – our neighbors and the environment – around us.

Historically, an outpost is a place somewhere on the outskirt of a main settlement or town. It is often the last place of rest and safety for folks as they made their journey into unknown lands. Still Waters: A Spiritual Outpost hopes to serve as a place of rest and safety as seekers make their spiritual journey.

Please take time to read about who we are and join us in our mission of offering the community a place where the love of God can restore souls and sustain creation.

Come to the Still Waters.
Come and Be Restored.