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About FBC

First Baptist Church is a place where individuals respond to the word of scripture and seek their own interpretation.  Where Separation of Church and State and religious liberty are taken very seriously.  Where we hold our Baptist beliefs with deep conviction but we hold them in modesty.

--Roger Paynter, Senior Pastor

FBC's 65-acre retreat, Still Waters, offers space for contemplation, gatherings, and classes. 

  re-defining the boundaries of church

 Serving the World

A mission-oriented church committed to biblical justice, FBC seeks to do God's work through a varity of partnerships.  From handing out sandwiches to the hungry and mentoring students at our adopted elementary schools, to building Habitat houses, sheltering homeless families, and hosting Fair Trade markets, FBC is working to create a better world in our local and global neighborhoods.

A joyful day at Vacation Bible School

Engaging The Mind

FBC is grounded in a tradition of theological inquiry. We don’t pretend to have all of the answers. On any given Sunday, you might find a class exploring the relationshp between science and faith, another class mining the texts of 4th century Celtic Christians, and another learning how to be better stewards of the Earth. And our minds get a work-out in the pew, too: Roger Paynter, the church’s Senior Pastor since 1996, is well-known throughout the country for his thought-provoking sermons.

 and exploring new ways to grow spiritually and experience community together


 Worshipping Through Music

The number of professional, working musicians - both vocalists and instrumentalists - who have grown up at FBC is testament to the depth and quality of the musical education and performance here. Though rooted in a sacred, choral tradition, the program explores diverse musical forms, and welcomes new participants of all ages.
Those of us who have been lucky enough to stumble upon this gem of a church at 9th and Trinity have become pretty passionate about the place. These is indeed, something special about his church. Something real, something authentic about the people. It’s hard to articulate, exactly, but now that I’ve experienced it, it’s hard to imagine going anywhere else.

FBC Member (8 years)

 A Diverse, Thinking Population

Legend has it that Sam Houston drove a stake through the ground where he thought the original First Baptist Church should stand: right in the heart of downtown. Still committed to its central location after 160 years, FBC draws a group of people from all corners of the metropolitan area. Hardly a perfect community, the people of FBC worship together and care for each other, challenge stereotypes, and ask a lot of questions. 


FBC's Trinity Street Players perform Incident at Vichy

Re-defining Church

How many churches can launch a 65-acre retreat center, with organic garden, a labyrinth-in-the-making, and days devoted to silent prayer? How many can claim a critically-acclaimed theatre? Or offer Taizè services open to anyone seeking healing? (FBC can!) thanks to a creative congregation and a talented staff, FBC is re-definng the boundaries of "church" and exploring new ways to grow spiritually and experience community together