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Younger Adults & Discipleship Minister

Search Committee Reviewing Candidates To Hire a Younger Adults and Discipleship Minister
The process to hire a Younger Adults and Discipleship Minister is underway. The deadline for receiving resumes has passed and the search committee is diligently processing the resumes of several excellent candidates. For more information, please call 512-476-2625.
Minister to Younger Adults and Discipleship
Job Description
The job title will be Minister to Younger Adults and Discipleship
The responsibilities include:
1. Partner and consult with Senior Pastor in all areas of Younger Adults and
2. Coordinate Sunday School program for Younger Adults:
a. Assist in shaping curriculum.
b. Create new classes as required tailored to the needs of various younger
adult groups including: college, beginning professionals, parents and couples.
c. Recruit and equip teachers for classes.
d. Collaborate with Minister to Children.
3. Pastoral care responsibilities:
a. Inreach and outreach to members and visitors with primary attention
toward younger adults.
b. Participate with all pastoral staff in Minister on Call responsibilities.
c. Create pastoral care workshops appropriate to younger adults such as
pre-marital counseling, marriage enrichment opportunities, vocational
counseling, single adult ministries, etc.
4. Discipleship responsibilities:
a. Wednesday evening schedule and program.
b. Lead church-wide educational/spiritual formation opportunities such
as workshops, retreats, small groups, lectureships and college outreach.
5. Implement a regular alternative worship service.
a. In consultation with the Senior Pastor, design, plan, and lead a regular
alternative worship service directed primarily but not exclusively to
persons who are not current church members.
b. Coordinate with the Communications Committee concerning
publicizing the alternative worship service.
6. Act as Staff Liaison to Discipleship Committee and oversee pertinent Action
7. Other duties as assigned by Senior Pastor.
8. Function as an integral part of the ministerial team. Integrates and works well with other
ministers, staff and congregational members. Establishes activity schedules in
coordination with other church programs and manages to budget allocations.
9. Receives a satisfactory evaluation as described in the Church Employee